Inspired by our own passion for raw, living juice and for educating others on the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices, The Cleanse Kitchen was born out of a desire to create the Gold Coast’s #1, premium, cold-pressed juice brand in our own back yard.

For nearly 10 years through our work with the internationally renowned Don Tolman – where we’ve facilitated hundreds of workshops around Australia educating people on the power of ‘Self Care’ – we’ve seen first hand just how transformational juice fasting and cleansing can be for people’s health.

Our frequent travels to the USA (the global epicentre of the raw juice movement), have also allowed us to witness a revolution unfold in the way that people get their daily fix of juice, particularly in New York City and Los Angeles. It’s a process that’s allowed us to research, sample and tinker with all things ‘juice’ so that we can offer the best of the best to our customers.

Whilst Cold-Pressed Juice has quickly become big news among the super health-conscious community and trendy cafe set, it is definitely not a fad.

Cold-pressing technology has been around for decades, but only recently has it been introduced to the ‘raw juice’ industry, turning conventional juicing (with “centrifugal” machines as used by the vast majority of juice bars and cafes) on it’s head.

Frankly, once you try raw juice extracted from a commercial-grade hydraulic press, you’ll never want to drink regular juice again. You simply can’t help but see, taste and feel the difference!

On a personal level, our daily addiction to cold-pressed juice is uncompromising, and it’s rubbed off on our 3 teenage daughters too.

Not a day goes by where we don’t indulge in our daily dose, and no start to the day quite feels the same unless we start it with our juice.

At The Cleanse Kitchen, we go to great lengths to prepare and deliver the best available.

But just as importantly as the products we prepare, our mission is to inspire you to make better, healthier choices. To eat cleaner, to live better, to laugh more, and to hopefully be inspired to make positive changes that will impact how you look and feel on a daily basis and to improve your overall quality of life.

Inga & Zane Truscott – Founders, The Cleanse Kitchen

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